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We recommend the Ikon VMX series for your off road Maico, Ossa, Montessa, Bultaco, Penton and CZ as well as classic Japanese, British and European. A well designed, re-valvable and re-buildable shock for off road vintage moto cross or trail riding.

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Ikon VMX comes in 12″, 12.5″ 13″, 13.5″, 14″ and 14.5″ lengths. Mounting bushes and reducer sleeves enable you to use 10mm 12mm or 14mm diameter mounting bolts and a choice of spring rates code 084 (soft) and code 701 for heavier riders.

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12.5", 12", 13.5", 13", 14.5", 14"

Spring Rates

linear spring 11 Newtons/mm (soft), tri-rated spring 15/21/26 Newtons/mm