AJS ‘Jam pot’ 76-1706



Jampot rear suspension was fitted on AJS/Matchless models from 1951-1956.
These high quality Ikon replacement damper units replace the OE damper.
Re-use the outer covers and springs.

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When Jam Pot rear suspension was introduced on some AJS models in 1951, the new units were a big improvement over the previous Candle Stick shocks. With use and the passage of time, the original dampers will be worn out and require replacement. By using Ikon Jam Pot conversion dampers inside the springs and covers of the original unit, you’ll not only restore the damping quality of your bike, but it will handle better than ever. Ikon Jam Pot conversion dampers by far exceed the OE design and are unseen once installed.

What Motorcycles This Fits On

The list below is which motorcycles this shock will fit.

Year Make Model
Year Make Model
1951 - 1956 AJS Jam Pot Conversion Shock