Ikon 7610-1296SP14 (Black) Dial-a-Ride


Sold in pairs.

The Ikon 7610 series design classic for ’70s Honda CB650/750 and early Gold Wing.                                                                                                                              This is the black damper body/black spring version. Chrome/black version listed separately.

From the moment you release the clutch lever, you’ll feel the difference.

Noted for their inherently good handling characteristics, Ikon Dial-a-Rides have easy to adjust 4 position rebound adjusters. With springs matched to your weight, you’ll really appreciate the improved ride.

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Ikon 7610 Series suspension units are the tried and tested upgrade for ’70s Honda CB650/750 and early Gold Wings. Black dampers/black springs. Sold in pairs.

With a heritage-sleeper look, Ikon 7610 Series units give improved road holding with easy to adjust 4 position Dial-a-Ride rebound damping, offering a slow or fast rebound speed.

Ikon’s Tri-Rate springs, available in a selection of rates to suit rider/passenger/luggage weight, are fitted as standard. There’s a rate suitable for all configurations of solo riders/passengers/luggage up to the maximum manufacturer’s load rating of your motorcycle.

The 7610 Series is suspension of choice for restorers, resto-mod builders and discerning riders.


#7610-1296     Length: 13.35″/339mm     Travel: 2.95″/75mm     Top mounting bush for 16mm dia. stud/bolt     Lower mount clevis, re-use OE bolt (M10x1.25mm pitch)

  • Dial-a-Ride 4 position finger adjustable rebound damping
  • Black steel damper body
  • Twin tube design hydraulic damping
  • 3 position adjustable spring pre-load (spanner included)
  • Progressively rated Ikon Tri-Rate springs
  • Re-buildable and re-valvable
  • Proudly made in Australia

What Motorcycles This Fits On

The list below is which motorcycles this shock will fit.

Year Make Model
Year Make Model
1969 - 1979 Honda CB750F
1969 - 1980 Honda CB750K
1975 - 1981 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing
1976 - 1980 Honda CB750 F1
1976 - 1980 Honda CB750 F2
1979 - 1984 Honda CB650
1979 - 1984 Honda CB650C
1981 Honda CB750C