Ikon 76-3005SP14 Basix Black


Sold in pairs.

These fixed damping Ikon Basix shock absorbers are designed for classic BMW 2 valve air heads. With black damper bodies and black springs, they are a stylish alternative to the traditional chrome dampers.

Ikon Basix shocks, with non-adjustable rebound (chose Dial-a-Rides for that feature) are built by Ikon in Australia to their exacting standard.                                  Springs with adjustable pre-load rated for your weight and a model specific bolt-on fit, all at a very attractive price.

Available with replica aluminum /5 or /6 spring covers

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Sold in pairs.

Ikon Basix are quality shock absorbers for riders who don’t require the refinement of adjustable rebound damping in a suspension unit.

We fit springs rated for solo riders or rider and passenger / luggage up to the maximum load rating of your motorcycle. State your suited-up weight at the checkout.

Ikon Basix are quality shock absorbers with chrome bodies and black springs and mounting bushes to suit your particular motorcycle. They are available for a wide range of twin shock motorcycles, and like all Ikons, the Basix range is designed to be serviced for longevity. An advanced feature very seldom seen on shocks in this price range.


#76-3005SP14      Length:  13.19″/335mm    Travel: 3.15″/80mm      Bushed/sleeved for 10mm dia. mounting bolts     Sold in pairs

  • Fixed damping
  • Black steel damper body
  • Black springs rated for rider’s weight
  • Twin tube design hydraulic damping
  • 3 position spring pre-load settings (spanner included)
  • Progressively rated Ikon Tri-Rate springs
  • Re-buildable and re-valvable
  • Proudly made in Australia

Additional information

Assembly Options

Basix, Basix with /5 covers, Basix with /6 covers

What Motorcycles This Fits On

The list below is which motorcycles this shock will fit.

Year Make Model
Year Make Model
1969 - 1973 BMW R50/5
1969 - 1973 BMW R60/5
1969 - 1973 BMW R75/5
1973 - 1976 BMW R60/6
1973 - 1976 BMW R75/6
1973 - 1976 BMW R90/6
1973 - 1976 BMW R90/6S
1977 - 1984 BMW R100
1977 - 1984 BMW R100 7
1977 - 1984 BMW R100 CS
1977 - 1984 BMW R100 RS
1977 - 1984 BMW R100 RT
1977 - 1984 BMW R100 S
1977 - 1984 BMW R60/7
1977 - 1984 BMW R75/7
1977 - 1984 BMW R80RT/7